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Night Care

An important service we offer at Next Level Homecare Services is night care at home. We have a committed team of experts that work all night long to provide support and care for our customers, both new and existing.

Sleeping night

You will find this care option suitable if you may not need regular care, but feel uneasy when you are all alone throughout the night. So, with a sleeping night carer, your anxiety and inability to sleep can be improved. Our care assistant will spend at least 8 hours during the night at your place to assist you as much as possible. You can actually remain in good health and be happy with an extra pair of hands supporting you all night long. However, should there be a need to help more than two times during the night, it's classified as a waking night.

Waking night

A waking night carer is what you need if:

  • You have an injury that makes you wake up at regular intervals to change sleeping position
  • You or your family member wakes up more than once probably feeling the need to use the bathroom, or just being disoriented
  • You are on a medication that needs to be taken at regular intervals

The care provider will be on standby and by your side to support you throughout the night as much as you need. So, if you find yourself in the position outlined above, the best choice for a home care is a waking night carer.

How to arrange a night care

  • Find a local office - We provide care from local offices, so find where yours is located to receive your care
  • Contact our team - Our call back forms are available, fill them to request a call back, or call us to know about the options we offer
  • Survey - Our representative will discuss with you or your family member that needs the care to understand your needs so that you are well taken care of
  • Matching you with a carer - We will match you with the most suitable carer that is specially trained for the job. They will be with you at home to support you throughout the duration of the night

If you are considering night care, we offer timely and efficient night care service at our practice, don't hesitate to give us a call today on 01895 349959 so we can get started.

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