Check in support services

up to 15 mins only

We have realised there is a real need for short visits to check in on vulnerable family members, particularly living alone.

Often vulnerable people need support but not necessarily a full care package.

Sometimes, it is the small things that can make a difference such as ensure Medication has been taken, checking in on, leaving a sandwich or cup of tea.

15 Minute check calls available now!

What can be included in a check call:

Check to see if they are ok and safe do not need anything
Provide Tea and drinks
Provide Sandwiches or snacks
Assist with or administer Medication
Assist to toilet if person is mobile (not hoisted)
Light clearing up of cups and plates
One Support Assistant
Emergency services will be called if needed and NOK notified

What is NOT included:

Large meals
Any tasks which will take longer than 15 minutes

All our staff have full PPE and will adhere to safe infection protection practices around hygiene and distance.

All support staff provided are police checked and trained in accordance with CQC domiciliary care guidance.

You can book as many check in calls as you would like daily and weekly. No minimum or maximum between 8am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

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